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If you are new to gardening and find yourself asking, "Where should I grow tomatoes?" this is a good place to start! Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables that both amateur and expert gardeners find themselves adding to their garden whether it is large or small. Knowing where to grow tomatoes is essential to having a good yield. If you don't know where to grow tomatoes, your plants could end up being too weak to develop fruit. There are three main ways you can grow tomatoes, and exactly where to grow tomatoes depends on the types of resources and settings you have available.

Growing Tomatoes in a Pot

The simplest way to grow tomatoes is in a pot. First, you should fill your pot with soil and fertilizer as you would with any plant, but then cover it in black plastic or cloth to lock in heat to be absorbed by your soil. Cut out holes for your plants and monitor them as they develop. After they grow to about three inches, plant tall stakes – at least 3 feet high – in your pot and loosely tie your plants to them.

Growing Tomatoes in the Ground

The second way, and the most traditional, is to follow this same process, except that you plant them directly in the ground and tie them to a trellis instead. This, of course, yields a much greater amount of fruit and will generally produce healthier fruit as well since the plants have more room to absorb nutrients and less chance of growing awkwardly. If this is your method, you might consider growing tomatoes in raised beds, as this will also produce a higher yield.

Growing Tomatoes from the Ceiling

The third place to grow tomatoes is upside-down in a bottle! Yes, this very modern way of gardening is excellent for those who are short on space. Be sure your bottle or hanging basket is hung in a sunny part of your home, preferably near a window. Place your tomato plant that has grown from a seedling upside-down in the bottle or pot so that the leafy end is outside. Next, fill your hanging device with more soil and water it well every week.

Where to Grow Tomatoes in the USA

Some parts of the United States grow certain varieties of tomatoes that are renowned for growing well in that particular region, for example, "Creole" and "Gulf Coast Market" tomatoes that are solid in Texas and Louisiana. Be sure to check out which varieties are popular in your region!

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Where to Grow Tomatoes

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This article was published on 2012/03/13